MINI TANKS - This is a cool desktop game!

Two remote controlled tanks with the option
of fighting each other!

You fire the cannons and hit the opponent's tank,
which in turn turns around when it's hit.

Controlled via a handheld infra-red unit,
these micro tanks feature independently rotating,
hard-wearing caterpillar tracks, an infra-red targeting
system and a resemblance to their real life counterparts
like you wouldn't believe (once you get over the size
differences, of course).

Once your opponent's tank is hit 6 times (made obvious by the flashing / spinning), it's game over, or game on depending on how you play it.

- 2 x Tank (Desert & Jungle)
- 2 x Remote Controller
- 8 x Sandbag Walls
- 6 x Barrels
- 6 x Army Men
- 2 x Tree.
- 3 x AAA batteries are required per controller and 4 x LR44 Cell batteries are required per tank (both included).

These two small tanks can be brought to the office, work, and all future quarrels can be settled on the table or the floor!

Battle 'em or simply display 'em - just don't blame us if you don't get any work done!
Time of delivery:
Delivery-time with FedEx Express is 2-4 business days

Price: USD $102.00

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