ROSE PARTY SURPRISE - Cool for weddings!

This is a hot new effect!

This ROSE PARTY SURPRISE is a handheld cannon popper filled with artificial petals, and will shoot the rose petals up to 10 meter (33 Feet), and fall down smoothly.

The ROSE PARTY SURPRISE is driven by a small amount of compressed air, and is very simple to operate, all you do is twist the ring near the base.

The ROSE PARTY SURPRISE is a very cool surprise for parties, dinners, weddings, for grand openings, to amaze your dinner guests, and other special events.

The ROSE PARTY SURPRISE is useful inside as in outside.

This is one of the latest gadgets from

The ROSE PARTY SURPRISE is 23 INCH long, and is not Re-usable.
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Sold out, will be delivered within 35 days

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Price: USD $79.00

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