SPY EAR - Cool gadget!

With this SPY EAR you can hear conversations 80 feet away!

The portable ear mounted sound amplifier device is portable and fits easily over your left ear. It's tiny microphone can pick up conversations up to 80 feet away and relays this to an earphone in your right ear.

An amplifier built into the device increases the level of ambient sound in a room.

Due to feedback the earphone must never be used in the same ear as the listening device.

This SPY EAR makes the perfect gift for the amateur spy secretly listening in on conversations.

SPY EAR features:
• One portable Spy Listening Device
• Tiny microphone fitted
• Built in sound amplifier
• Wired in external Earphone
• Hi/Low/Off switch
• 1x spare LR44 battery extra free
• Size: Spy Listening Device H 6.4cm x W 6.0cm x D 1.2cmSpy

Listening Device features:
• 1x LR44 battery included
Time of delivery:
Sold out, will be delivered within 7 days

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Price: USD $78.00

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