Disguised as a fully working pen, this miniature video camera is perfect for covert surveillance.

If you need a spy camera that’s body mounted, there’s nothing easier or more discreet than just putting this pen camcorder in a shirt pocket for a full view of everything you see in front of you.

Featuring full-colour video and sound recording, 2GB of internal memory, which can store up to 15 hours of footage, means that you can start the Spy Pen filming and then forget about it. Just clip it to your pocket and walk around somewhere that you want to film, or leave it in place to record a face to face conversation. If you want to record in an office environment, then you could just leave it in a stationery holder, or position it to look like it’s just another pen that’s been carelessly left on a desktop.

The Spy Pen unscrews to reveal a cleverly concealed USB connector so that it can be instantly connected to a computer for swift video file transfer. If you’re in a tight spot or time is crucial, you could have a covert recording made then attached to an email or uploaded to the internet within minutes.

Perfect for private investigators or undercover journalists, the Spy Pen Video Camera is an essential tool for anyone that wants to take surveillance matters into their own hands.


Video Compression: AVI video format. 352x288CIF

Read / Write Speed: 2M~5M per second

Video File Size: Approximately 2MG per minute

Record Time: Up to 15 hours – 2GIG version

Working Time: Approximately one hour of recording from full charge

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Charging Voltage: DC-5V

Interface: USB 2.0

Capacity: 2GIG
Time of delivery:
Sold out, will be delivered within 7 days

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Price: USD $235.00

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